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The simplest and most reliable environmental wastewater management system


Nature Loo toilets are suitable for any style of home.

They are supplied as a split system for homes with a minimum of 17.5" (44.5cm) clearance under the bathroom floor or self-contained toilets for dwellings without under-floor clearance.

Our pedestal designs are elegant as well as functional. We have designs suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms.

High quality
Low cost maintenance

Frequently asked questions

Do composting toilets work?

The answer to this is they most certainly do. When set up and maintained properly, a composting toilet will reduce your water consumption by 30% as well as generating a usable humus or topsoil-like product at the end of the composting period.

Like anything in life, if a composting toilet isn’t maintained properly or is misused, then it won’t work to its full potential and you will have issues… but you can take it from the thousands of happy customers we’ve had over the decades that composting toilets most certainly do work.


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Our approach is simple – design and build a reliable, high-quality product with ecological benefits to you and the rest of the world.

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