About Us

We are an Australian designed and manufactured brand

In Australia, Nature Loo is one of Ecoflo Wastewater Management's highest quality brands. Alongside another homegrown brand Clivus Multrum Australia and imported brands Separett, Sun-Mar, Ecolet, and Kazuba. 

Established in 1994 as a small family business, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Nature Loo has grown into one of the most loved eco-friendly businesses in Australia. The like-minded Clivus Multrum and Nature Loo brands were merged in 2015 to form Ecoflo to promote growth and a focus on research and development. 

Education and innovation are strong Ecoflo values, we are working to continuously offer the best suitable products to meet customer needs. As a result, the features that we have developed have won two Australian Good Design Awards and the Low Profile has become the most popular tiny home composting toilet in the Australian tiny home market. 

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Brightwater Tools Inc.

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