Are composting toilets more hygienic than flush toilets?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a composting toilet for a while there are probably many different questions you have about how they work, how they’re used and the hygiene of them. If you’re used to traditional flush toilets, it’s likely that in the past, you’ve not given much thought to your family’s waste and where it goes as it’s conveniently flushed away and you don’t really have to think about it any more. 

By installing a composting toilet it not only changes your concept of waste, but it also makes you think about your footprint on the earth and how much you contribute to waste, the chemicals used to treat waste and grey water and the impact of this on the environment and our oceans.

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Piteco 500 vs CM2 - A comparison & analysis of two composting toilets

cm2 vs ecopod composting toilet

If you’ve been on the lookout for a composting toilet (also called a Nature Loo, Eco Pod, Eco Loo, Dry Toilet or Eco Toilet) for a while, it’s likely you’ve come across a lot of different makes and models on various different websites. When it comes down to it, the natural process of composting toilets are pretty much the same (they all use a combination of psychrophilic, thermophilic or mesophilic composting) but the mechanisms, parts, build and if they meet Australian Standards can all make a big difference on the safety of handling humanure.

Today we’re going to be looking at two composting toilets, the Piteco 500 (Also known as the Ecopod in Australia) and the CM2 composting toilets and look a little closer at these two products to get an understanding of their differences.

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Here’s why the Nature-Loo 850 is the best composting toilet of 2019

natureloo 850

If you’re looking at buying a composting toilet in 2019, you’re no doubt going to want to know what’s the best composting toilet, right? Well there’s really no one answer to that question as the best composting toilet is the toilet that suits your needs. As there are many different types of toilets that vary in how they work, the way they’re installed and how they can be used, there’s no one perfect composting toilet for everyone.

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Combining Solar power & composting toilets is smart & logical


If you’re interested in leading a more off-grid lifestyle, then installing a waterless composting toilet is a great way to make a start. This will help reduce your burden on our environment and lessen your footprint on the planet. If you combine solar power to help run your composting toilet this is going to reduce your impact even more and help you save some money (and maybe a few dead dinosaurs!) along the way.


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What do composting toilets look like?

If you’re thinking about installing a composting toilet, there’s a good chance that you want to see what the toilets look like and if they’re going to look decent in your home.

We’ve compiled a bunch of product photos and customer photos to give you a good idea of the different types of composting toilets you can get.


What does off grid living look like in 2017?

off grid home
(image source)

We live in a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities. If our great-great-grandparents were alive today, most of our jobs, the way we live, our gadgets and how we get our food, our news and our entertainment would seem like something out of a science fiction novel to them.

With all these amazing progressions we’ve invented and built for ourselves over the past 100 years or so, we have created a standard of living the human race have never experienced before. Convenience is at an all time high, we have the world's information at our fingertips via the internet and most of us living in modern, western countries are far richer than any of our ancestors ever were or could have been.

Medical /Science is helping us live longer and highly mechanised and optimised food production techniques means many of us have never known famine or hunger like in the Great Depression or the Irish Potato Famine.

With all these modern conveniences and knowledge it would seem right to assume that we would be happier and more prosperous than ever before, right? Wrong.


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Sawdust Toilets – The Ultimate Guide

nature loo

If you’re thinking about installing a composting toilet or sawdust toilet, there’s a few things you should know about before you jump in. For example, you might be thinking to yourself, “Where do I start?” or “How much sawdust do I add?” and “What happens if it smells?”. Never fear my intrepid toilet tourists – we have the ultimate guide here for your journey.

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Mini toilets for tiny homes and small bathrooms

Mini toilets tiny homes

If you’re the type of person who believes that less is more, there’s a good chance you live a lifestyle that’s uncluttered, easy and clear. You might be limited in space but it’s not how much room you have, it’s what you do with it right?

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Need a urine diverting composting toilet? Try the Nature Loo Mini Mobile

uric acid composting water garden

There’s a lot of advantages to having a composting toilet that diverts urine either into a separate receptacle or into a drainage system on a caravan, boat or RV (motorhome). Standard composting toilets will have a ventilation system where moisture can escape, allowing the compost heap to dry out a little.

If moisture doesn’t have the opportunity to escape your compost heap can become too moist and this can lead the toilet to smell and the composting process being stifled.

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Introducing the Nature Loo Mini Mobile – the perfect portable composting toilet

If you own a caravan, boat or camper trailer you know that an essential bit of kit to help your holidays and trips go smoothly is an adequate toilet system. Things can easily go from good and happy to smelly and crappy.

Let’s face it – no-one wants to travel with the smell of poo circulating through the car, caravan or boat and acrid fumes of ammonia stinging your eyes when doing 100kms an hour whilst avoiding road trains and rogue kangaroos or zipping through the bay following the whiting.

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BioToilets - What they are and how they work?

You may have heard of the term ‘BioToilet’ recently and may be thinking to yourself “What is a BioToilet?” or “How does a BioToilet work?”

BioToilets are a great way to reduce water usage around your home (or boat, motorhome, etc) and are great for the environment as they recycle what would otherwise be a waste product.


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Amazing facts about composting toilets you never knew

Amazing facts about composting toilets you never knew

You may have been a composting toilet user for years, or perhaps you’re just looking into one as an option in your new home. Either way I’m sure you’ve asked yourself more than a few times “what are the benefits of a composting toilet?” or even started looking up facts about composting toilets.

Here at Nature Loo we’re delighted to bring you these 6 amazing facts about composting toilets that you probably had no idea about.

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Fascinating ways that people setup their eco-toilets

Fascinating ways that people setup their eco-toilets

Like everything in life, things get interesting when you add a little spice to it. This goes for all sorts of things in our world – food, love, music, homes... you name it, whatever we take for granted every day, guaranteed there’s other people around the world doing it in a different or unusual way. Some people are scrunchers, others are folders. Some like to sit, others prefer to squat. This is what makes different cultures, people and places so interesting.

As they say, variety is the spice of life so with this in mind we’ve decided to share some of the different and fascinating ways our customers have set up their eco-friendly waterless composting toilets.


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Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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