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Tiny Home with a Low Profile for short term stays

With such a small space to work with, a model was needed that didn’t have a large footprint. They were also looking for a unit that was small enough to have enough clearance under the Tiny Home to provide easy access to maintain the toilet and change the chambers.

Often for this reason collection toilets are favoured over true composting toilets but Aimee and Ben wanted a sustainable and easy-to-maintain toilet.


Aimee and Ben

Stanton @tiny.stays


Classic Low Profile


Yarra Valley, Victoria



January 2019


Our Low Profile model ticks the boxes and provided easy access underneath the constructed Tiny Home.

"So easy to install, totally off grid and doesn’t smell!”

The toilet looks like a regular flushing toilet but doesn’t require any power so is suitable for completely off-grid living. The results are a that this Tiny Stays Home is a unique experience that combines the facilities of a hotel with an immersive nature escape.

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