Maintaining the ventilation in a Composting Toilet

Today we are exploring just why vent systems are so crucially important to the operation of a composting toilet. Because they are too often overlooked or taken for granted.

For starters, the composting process is aerobic; this means that it requires oxygen (it does not mean that your composting pile is doing pilates). The free flow of oxygen is also important to create an environment that the microorganisms can thrive in.

Hopefully we all know by now that without microbes you do not have compost, you just have a pile of waste. So to keep them happy with the oxygen they need to survive, you need to keep those ventilation pipes free from obstruction to maintain the airflow.

Build up in ventilation pipes can be caused by many different reasons:

  • Condensation can pool in horizontal pipes
  • Particles can be sucked into the housing for the fan over time
  • Spiders and mud wasps can build webs and nests if the vent cap isn’t secured

Ventilation is also used to manage smells. If you like to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh, the fan operation will be at the top of your priority list. That’s why we always recommend having a spare fan on hand for emergencies. 

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