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The ultimate guide to outdoor toilets

For many Americans, making the move to live in a cabin or tiny home is a great way to help move towards a simpler lifestyle by downsizing and living in smaller spaces. 

Not only do tiny homes and cabins usually help lower the costs of living by reducing construction materials and requiring less energy to heat or cool, they're also a great way to reduce your environmental impact. 

Many Americans enjoy the reduction in maintenance a smaller home or cabin gives (fewer rooms, less cleaning, right?) and with a tiny home, the ability to just pick up and head off wherever you like and not be tied down to one place.  

Whilst tiny homes and cabins offer a simpler lifestyle and downsizing opportunities, people often ask us about how they can incorporate a bathroom into their smaller style home. Some tiny homes do not come with showers and toilets. Cabins, particularly the more rustic ones, may not have amenities built in. This is where an outdoor composting toilet can help provide an easy-to-use toilet system that is simple to install, use and maintain. 

Why are composting toilets a great option for outdoor toilets?
Composting toilets are a great environmentally-friendly solution for outdoor toilets because they don’t need to be plumbed into town water. This is very handy if your cabin or tiny home is in an area where traditional plumbing or town water isn’t available. 

Unlike traditional flush toilets, composting toilets don't require any water and only a small amount of electricity to operate (power is required to run the exhaust fan, but this can be hooked up to solar panels), which makes them an ideal choice for people who are looking for a toilet that reduces water and electricity usage and for those who want to minimize their environmental impact.

Composting outdoor toilets don’t need water
Other than for washing hands, composting toilets don't require any water to operate. This is particularly convenient if you live in an area where water is scarce or not easily accessible. 

Rather than using water to flush waste, composting toilets use a natural composting process to break down human waste into a nutrient-rich topsoil-like product that can be used on gardens and fruit trees. You don't have to worry about hauling in water or disposing of wastewater (like you would need to if you install a septic tank), making composting toilets the perfect low-maintenance option for outdoor toilets.

Composting toilets are easy to install
If you’ve already got an outdoor shed or outhouse on your property, installing a composting toilet is relatively easy, and you aren’t required to have any specialized plumbing or electrical knowledge to set one up. 

Natureloo’s toilets come with all the detailed instructions you will need and can be installed in just a few hours with basic tools that most people already have in their toolbox. This, combined with many other features, makes composting toilets a convenient option for remote locations or areas where there is no water or electricity, such as campsites or remote cabins.

Outdoor composting toilets don’t smell
Something we get asked all the time is, ‘Do composting toilets smell?’ Composting toilets are designed to be naturally odor-free. The combination of the natural processes to break down waste and transform it into nutrient-rich soil, along with the installation of an exhaust fan system, eliminates any unpleasant odors that may occur.

Composting toilets are low maintenance outdoor toilets
Composting toilets offer a low-maintenance option when compared to traditional flush toilets. They don't need water and only a tiny amount of electricity to operate. Fewer parts mean less things can go wrong. 

Our Natureloos have easy-to-clean surfaces and removable waste containers that make maintenance a breeze. With only a small amount of maintenance required, composting toilets can provide an environmentally friendly, convenient and reliable solution for your outdoor toilet.

With their easy installation and natural composting process, Natureloos are one of the most reliable and sustainable choices for those looking for an outdoor toilet. 

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